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Go Back to your Hole,You Crazy Ol’ Dick!

April 23, 2009

What a Dick!

In the last week or so, Dick Cheney has slithered out from the rock he ususally hides under to slam Obama repeately in the media. Cheney has criticized Obama’s economic strategy, his national defense policies and he even “told Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity that President Obama’s handshake with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez ‘was not helpful’ and could lead ‘foes’ of the U.S. to ‘think they’re dealing with a weak president.'” (via Politico).

Gotta wonder what Cheney would have wanted Obama to do upon meeting Chavez… punch him in the face? Challenge him to a duel?

Anyway, these comments are pretty bold words from a guy who spent the last 8 years demolishing our economy, the constitution and his own party’s reputation. At this point, Cheney’s views on anything seem about as legit at financial tips from Bernie Madoff or dieting advice from Rush Limbaugh.