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Tough Times… so LET’S DANCE

August 12, 2009


Hey everybody, sorry this blog has been so dead lately. A few of my best homies got themselves into a bit of a jam over in the Middle East and I’ve kinda had to drop everything and focus on trying to help them out. Gotta have priorities, and friends and family comes first, yadadameen?

Anyway, I’ve been so bogged down in serious shit lately that I haven’t even touched my turntables in a few weeks, so I’m gonna sit on the sidelines for this month’s Motion Sickness party. For those of you who don’t know, I’ve been rockin’ dance floors for a solid decade now, but I just got too much on my mind to think about mixing beats these days… However, my trusted comrades Peter West (who I also share a music blog with) and Cyclist from the Grown Kids Radio crew will definitely be throwin’ down with special guest and all-around swell guy Shane King of Hacksaw Entertainment, so I encourage everyone to stop by, if you’re in the Bay Area. I’ll probably be on the main floor, trying to dance my worries away…

And hopefully all the bullshit will blow over and everything will be back to fucking normal soon.

PS: Thanks to Tim Simons for the flier design. That boy got skills.