Next on the Agenda: Putting Lead Back into Paint

This is what Yellowstone will look like if the Tea Partiers get their way.

Maybe Nevada’s Republican Senate candidate Sharron Angle got bit on the ass by a squirrel once or something, but she must really not be a fan of nature. During an interview on ResistNet, she attacked her opponent Harry Reid for supporting the Mining in the Parks Act, a law currently that prohibits mining in National Parks.

And how would this rising Tea Party star solve America’s energy needs? By deregulating the oil and mining industries.

Considering BP’s still-gushing oil volcano and the recent explosion in a Massey coal mine that killed 29 workers, Angle’s energy policy makes me think that if she were running for office in the 80’s, she would have used the Chernobyl disaster to advocate for deregulating the nuclear industry.

Here are a few little tidbits to think about while pondering Angle’s deregulation proposal…

The Denver Post reported this week that “Oil and gas companies reported almost 1,000 spills to Colorado regulators over the past 2 1/2 years, totaling 5.2 million gallons of drilling liquids and oil.” Wow, that sounds messier than Rush Limbaugh at an Old Country Buffet. I bet with Chairman Maobama in power, those oil companies really got a smack down that would have made Hugo Chavez proud… oh, actually, all those spills have only resulted in two fines totally $650,000. Shit – Lil’ Wayne could have paid off those fines without even going to the bank.

"Hi, I'm here to pay off that oil spill fine. One of my molars should cover it."

So, are the candidates in the Colorado’s governor race talking about cracking down on this dangerous behavior by oil companies and maybe even using legitimate regulatory enforcement to pull in much-needed revenues to Colorado’s economy though legitimate fines?

Nope – both candidates actually seem to be begging the fossil fuel industry to treat the Rocky Mountain State like the floor of a Jiffy Lube. Just the other day, the Colorado Independent reported that Democratic candidate John Hickenlooper proposed relaxing regulations on pit liners that hold toxic waste water contaminated by the fracking process of natural gas drilling.

If that sound kind of like letting a baby with diarrhea sleep on your bed without a diaper… it’s actually a lot worse than that. According to an AP report that came out this week, “Compounds associated with neurological problems or other serious health effects are among the chemicals being used to drill natural gas wells.”

Well, to be fair, that report only looked at chemicals used to drill for natural gas in Pennsylvania. I’m sure if Colorado wants to protect itself from people getting “neurological problems” from chemicals associated with natural gas drilling, it would just pass some regulations to protect it’s citizens from… oh, that’s right – regulations are unpopular because people who wear hats decorated with tea-bags don’t like them…

Screw it. Shit like this is pretty cool, so what kind of unpatriotic treehugger would want to regulate the energy industry, anyway?

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