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Coming up Next, Traffic and Weather, But First — Let Me Hit This Sheeeeeeeit

December 22, 2009

What makes you think this man doesn't puff rocks?

When I saw a headline this morning about a TV anchor who used to smoke crack before going on-air to deliver the news, I was obviously expecting the article to be about Glenn Beck.  Especially after seeing this juicy little pull quote:

“I was lying the whole time and the crazy thing is people loved me for it. What I really wanted to say is, ‘I shot heroin last night and smoked crack and watched eight hours of pornos.’”

Unfortunately, this time it was about another news guy who secretly likes to party like Amy Winehouse. This time…

Seriously though. What would be the craziest thing you could do on drugs?

Snort meth while blasting off in a rocket ship?

Have a snuggle party with Obama, the Pope and Stephen Hawking while rolling on ecstasy?

Deliver a baby while peaking on mescaline?

Pitch a no-hitter in the big leagues while tripping on acid like Dock Ellis back in the 70’s?