More Good News for People Who Like Shiny Metal

I wonder if there’s a leprechaun inside.

Here’s a story that’s sure to excite rappers, libertarians and James Bond villians: A hotel in Abu Dhabi has installed a machine that dispenses gold. According to AP, “The ATM-style kiosk in the Emirates Palace monitors the daily gold price and offers small bars up to 10 grams or coins with customized designs.”

I kind of wish they would install one in my neighborhood so I wouldn’t have to keep shaving slivers off of the gold bar that I keep under my bed ever time I need to tip the pizza boy. On second thought, a gold-spewing machine would probably attract unsavory characters… like Glenn Beck and his fans.

Just a reminder that this is where gold actually comes from. If you thought that genocide of indigenous people only happens in James Cameron movies, check out for the full story.

Land exposed to gold mine runoff water. Scariest before/after image I've seen since...

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14 Responses to “More Good News for People Who Like Shiny Metal”

  1. Breland Kent (Wild Focus) Says:

    What a great blog, thanks for sharing! 😉

  2. bookjunkie Says:

    Poor Lindsay did she age so much? The land exposure picture is even sadder

  3. melanirae Says:

    Gold is so 1850.

    That Lindsey Lohan B/A is enough to make me stop drinking. Ah, who am I kidding!

  4. popscure Says:

    Awesome ‘exposed to gold mine runoff water’ Lohan picture!

  5. Joseph Says:

    It reminds me of sacrificing water so you can carry more gold out of the desert. It’s a relief to find greater greed elsewhere, like someone driving even faster than me on the freeway diverting the interest of the cops.

  6. D Light Says:

    Isn’t it bizarre that there is such a machine with what looks like no security around. Thanks for sharing the picture. I would never have know about this without you. My blog is like yours to show the surprising. I am out to show that the French Riviera is not just about the Cannes Film festival and blue waters. Check out the fun pictures at for a laugh.

  7. neurotype Says:

    But gold is so important! It…lets people lord their wealth over poor folk in the most ostentatious way that doesn’t involve a private jet. (I mean, we can hardly expect rich folk to take their jets everywhere.)

    Remind me, is Abu Dhabi the one that’s raping the environment to build the prettiest city possible?

    • Public Frenemy Says:

      You’re thinking about Dubai, but we shouldn’t just pick on them — lots of cities are raping the environment.

  8. TheIdeaofThings Says:

    Aww look at what they did to mother nature 😦

  9. More Good News for People Who Like Shiny Metal « My Buddy Says:

    […] here: More Good News for People Who Like Shiny Metal Share and […]

  10. Songbird Says:

    Why on earth would a machine dispense gold??? For all your needing gold in a hurry emergencies?!?! Those people must live on a completely different planet from mine… :o)

  11. unforgiven Says:

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  13. kenny Says:

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