Not In My 171,000-Acre Vanity Ranch

This is not picture of billionaire Louis Bacon, but it's what he's acting like.

Although the media likes to break everything down into “he said/she said” sound-bites, most issues are pretty complicated. Nothing is really as simple as it seems on the surface, and in order to develop a critical analysis, you need consider things from various perspectives and weigh each argument delicately, like a fancy truffle.

That’s why it’s so refreshing when billionaires act egregiously douchy – because it makes figuring out who the bad guy is so easy.

Most billionaires are acutely aware that their vast privilege makes them targets of scorn and envy, so they employ their wealth and power stealthily. When advancing Mr. Burnsian agendas, they use loopholes and facades to influence events from behind the metaphorical curtain.

But not hedge fund titan and founder of Moore Capital, Louis Bacon – this guy’s about as smooth as a frat boy on spring break trying to get laid with a pick up like “nice shoes, wanna fuck?” Moore wields his power like a snot-nose little kid who just got a toy light saber.

According to AP, a huge project to transfer solar energy across Colorado has been delayed and may be reduced in capacity because Bacon doesn’t want the proposed power line to run across his 171,000-acre vanity ranch – the largest privately-owned piece of land in Colorado. This one dude is screwing up Colorado’s respectable efforts to shift from relying on nasty, harmful fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy. And he owns a ranch nearly twice the size of Manhattan.

If he doesn’t like transmission lines, it’s not like he doesn’t have anywhere else to hang out. He also has crash pads in the Bahamas, the Upper East Side, a Long Island estate (which includes a hunting lodge on nearby Robins Island, all of which is owned by Bacon), a grouse moorland in Scotland and three private polo grounds.

Perhaps being recently named to the list of UK’s Top 50 Richest People gave Bacon the urge to throw his weigh around ostentatiously like break-dancing sumo wrestler. Or maybe he’s bummed that his hedge fund just got slapped with a $25 million penalty for attempting to manipulate the platinum and palladium markets… but I don’t know, that’s couch cushion money for a baller whose wealth boomed by an estimated 69% last year.

No, it’s probably since he’s given so much loot to protect the environment over the years that now he feels entitled to fuck it over because there’s a downside in it for him. As his spokesman said, “Mr. Bacon is and has long been well known for his deep and long-standing support of environmental conservation.”  Just in case you didn’t get it the first time, his spokesman added, “He is a nationally known environmental conservationist.”

Now, even though NIMBYism gets a bad rap, a lot of the time it’s totally justified. Can you blame people with little kids for not wanting an incinerator setting up shop down the block? Or Native American tribes for not wanting their sacred burial sites turned into a nuclear waste dump? But a billionaire “environmentalist” blocking a clean energy project –  put that one in the NIMBY Hall of Shame next to the Cape Codders who tried to block the wind farm and the Castro neighborhood business association that blocked a shelter for teen runaways a few years back.

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4 Responses to “Not In My 171,000-Acre Vanity Ranch”

  1. PG Says:

    Check out the link…..his ancestors bet the ranch on the Confederacy and lost it all, including said “ranch”, which is a plantation……he still hasn’t gotten over Sherman’s little march or that ceremony at Appomattox Courthouse.

    • Public Frenemy Says:

      Wow, just when you think someone can’t get any douchier… they go an buy a plantation — guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Thanks for the tip, I had no idea.

  2. whoislouisbacon Says:

    Bacon is involved in another “standoff” and although this one doesn’t involve energy, Team Bacon is putting tremendous energy into a spat, brawl, ok bullying Lyford Cay neighbor. In the latest battle, the Trinchera Ranch is pretty key. Seems the $175 Million dollar price tag, also bought ink, media coverage in Forbes Magazine, as suddenly there is huge interest in Neighbor, until now, really only a legend in Canada.

    Bacon says neighbor breaks “Lyford Cay Protocol” all in the Bahamas this translates to neighbor allows “black Bahamians” behind the gates.

    NIMBY environmentalist and part racist keeps getting better!
    Bacon has now threatened to sell, but I doubt he hill leave Bahamas, as it is a tax shelter, and he is so tied to the current Government, what other country would help you dispose of the dead body in your hot tub. (google Dan Tuckfiled)

  3. Taylor Casey Says:

    Great photo! I am always looking for fellow Bacon lovers!! Great piece too. All his energy isn’t just being spent in Colorado…. in Bahamas he has surrendered. Puling up roots and retreating. The big bully (or to douche?) is selling the Point House his Lyford Cay estate (35 Million) The neighbor has broke “protocol” too many times (aka Allowed the “Locals” behind the “gates”)
    Soooo add racist to your list of “douche” like behavior.

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