The Pull Out Method

"I never would have let this happen."

Last week, a group of crazy Texans stirred up controversy with their attempt to correct the “liberal bias” of text books by, for example, replacing lessons about Cesar Chavez with the history of the National Rifle Association.

Now this: A 9,000 student school district in Riverside yanked the dictionaries out of all classrooms after a student “stumbled across” the definition of “oral sex.”  “School officials will review the dictionary to decide if it should be permanently banned because of the ‘sexually graphic’ entry,” according to the Press-Enterprise.

Hopefully, most people will realize this stupid and counter-productive,  so maybe the dictionaries will be back on the bookshelves soon…  But I think this might be part of a bigger plot.

Check out this new headgear spotted by Carles at a French fashion show. It looks like the forces of censorship and repression have infiltrated the fabulous world of haute couture. Fashonistas are clearly trying to make Fisher-Price-looking, over-sized earmuffs th next hot trend. It’s all part of a giant conservative scheme concocted by overzealous parents to keep their kids from hearing any “graphic language” or words about “sex.” Just wait  and see. Next season, Miley Cyrus or the dude from Twilight is going be seen wearing these and before you can say “TwitPic,” malls across America will be flooded with hordes of tweenagers forking over their allowance money for giant ear muzzlers. I bet you Sarah Palin even gets a pair.

The future of sex-ed

...And of course they have something in mind for the girls.

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