SF Cops Are Shutting Down Parties And It’s Not Just Because They Think Dubstep is Kinda Played Out

If the police are gonna bust DJs, can they at least go after on the ones that play really bad trance?

First, they came for your fajitas. Now, they want your J. Dilla records.

The SF Weekly just posted a story today about how cops are busting into parties and fundraisers and ganking people’s laptops and sound systems. When I first heard about this, I got really angry. Like how I get when I hear that someone was brutally murdered and it wasn’t Glenn Beck.

It just seemed so ridiculous and unjust that in a city plagued with dozens of unsolved murders every year the cops would focus on busting up little dance parties. Every night, the streets are crawling with junkies breaking into cars, bike thieves and much worse, yet the po-po’s decide to crack down  on consenting adults who want to have a few drinks and listen to loud music after the bars close (we’re not talking about epic raves filled with 14-year-old ecstasy fiends and Special K zombies here).

And this type of “enforcement” is obviously highly selective – you know they would never dream of busting into an “unpermitted” late night party in a Pacific Heights mansion and confiscate every laptop in the house.

But then, I saw this story about a cop tazing a 10-year-old girl in Arkansas – and his chief defending it. And then I saw this other story about Detoit cops stealing millions of dollars from innocent people. And then I saw this article in the Guardian about how SF’s new police chief is probably looking to reduce the power of the Office of Citizen Complaints… and I wasn’t so angry anymore. Just hungry…. Hungry for revenge!

Who wants to bust into a cop party with me and steal all their donuts?!

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2 Responses to “SF Cops Are Shutting Down Parties And It’s Not Just Because They Think Dubstep is Kinda Played Out”

  1. Sneaks Says:

    The SFPD can suck my balls. Dirty ass pigs. Just another nail in the coffin for everything that makes SF a unique, fun place to live. Good to see you’re posting here again!

  2. vkdir Says:

    I’m on your wagon. I’ll bring the Blue Bottle to wash em down with. Gawd I love the Bay.

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