Ok, Buddy, Whatever You Say



Here’s the first comment in response to an SF Gate article about how BART is cutting back service during non-peak hours:

“The only purpose of BART is to take people to and from work. Why run the system any other hours and provide thugs, criminals and social terrorists with a transportation network? We would do everyone a favor by shutting down BART 9:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Who needs BART during weekend evenings hours? Criminals do, that’s who.

Bernie Goetz couldn’t have put it any better — what kind of sick “social terrorist” would ever want to ride public transit after sundown?

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One Response to “Ok, Buddy, Whatever You Say”

  1. vkdir Says:

    Ha! Mr. Frenemy, you just took me on a wild ride of Bernie Goetz discovery. Too bad the biggest baddest danger these days are the BART police. Where’s Bernz when you really need him?!

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