Welcome to the Symbolism Hall of Fame

Yesterday a teenage girl from Staten Island fell into a sewer because she was texting while walking down the sidewalk and didn’t notice that the manhole cover was missing. Could there be a more obvious metaphor to illustrate the stereotype that the Web 2.0 generation are so engrossed in online communications that they are oblivious to the outside world?

Sure, this could have happened to any of us (who hasn’t texted while walking?) and it’s not like she caused a train wreck like the engineer who crashed a train last year while he was texting, so I feel bad for this girl… but, still, the metaphor is just too perfect.

This incident is now officially inducted into the Symbolism Hall of Fame along with these other deliciously emblematic events:

  • The time the guy who played Jesus in Mel Gibson’s movie “Passion of Christ” got struck by lighting TWICE during filming.
  • The time a bird pooped on Bush while he was bullshitting the White House press corps about Justice Department corruption.
  • The time the Titanic hit that iceberg.


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